Montessori pedagogy presents an entirely different approach to education, allowing the child to develop in a natural way

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MontessoriMontessori pedagogy presents an entirely different approach to education


Learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self-discipline and love of learning

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BilingualLearn according to their own choice from hundreds of possibilities


Four different schools to accomodate your child from 3 to 12 years

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SCHOOLSFour different schools to accomodate your child from 3 to 12 years

Why to choose Les Tournesols

We chose this symbol because today we are deciding to give the child a truly respectful environment.

Sure they will find everything they need to learn how to read, write , and count. But first of all, we want them to blossom in a nice little green field. This is why the atmosphere of the whole school is based on Maria Montessori pedagogy, which means children are free to move, free to behave, to express themselves and get involved in everyday life in a respectful environement.

We want to give them the opportunity to turn to their own specific interests, and explore them, just like the sunflower would turn to the sun that gives him the light he needs to grow up and live.

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    How does a Montessori classroom work?
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    Season cooking workshop (photo gallery)
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    A day at school... to the school of life (video)
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Parent Testimonials

  • "Les Tournesols has provided a caring, safe and rich environment for our daughter's first step in education. We feel a strong bond of community and respect in the children's interactions. As parents, we watch in awe as she skips and hops her way to school with self-confidence and a strong sense of independence. We highly recommend Les Tournesols to all our friends."

    Wendy B. (mother of Ellen 2013)

  • "Because every child is unique, learning according to their own ways and rhythms. Because between 3 and 6 the mind is fully receptive and adaptive to different languages, cultures and habits. Because, in order to grow, our children need to move, to dare to experience and express themselves in a full-span life environment. Because we believe in autonomy and caring for others as fundamental to their happiness. Because we love that they love to live and learn this way; we recommend Les Tournesols"

    Sybille D. (mother of Hélène 2014 and 2015)