The advantage of the Montessori pedagogy is that it makes possible to adapt to each child in his specificity. ... How? The Montessori pedagogy for the children aged from three to six years old proposes 180 different materials, allowing the trainings through more than 200 exercises.

Adapted exercices

The three to six-year old children are gathered together in only one group. That allows:

  • the older ones to help the small ones and to give the older ones the sense of responsibility for those, who are ready for it.
  • the younger ones to learn thanks to their older classmates.

Sensorial material


Around fifty materials composes this category. This allows the children to handle, observe, reflect, deduce, include/understand, think.

  • One allows him here to reach the conceptual thought, and the abstraction.
  • One finds here materials which make it possible for example to the children to discriminate forms, colors, sounds, weights.

Linguistic material

Around fifty of always sensory material having for goals l'enrichissement of the vocabulary, reading, grammatical l'écriture, l'analyse of the sentence, or the discovery of the music, biology and the geography. The child will evolve/move thanks to exercises such as the rough letters, l'alphabet mobile, the material of the small bells or the puzzle of l'Europe.

Mathematical exercices

A child gains concrete experience in number, their quantities and the mathematical operations using a full range of Montessori maths equipment which then leads to a more abstract understanding of number.

Practical life material

The Practical Life Activities such as washing, polishing, pouring, ironing etc. help the child master the necessary skills for daily living. Apart from the obvious enjoyment and skills thai the child gains from these activities they help towards the building of the child's confidence, self esteem and independence.