A bilingual school Montessori where each child is single and learns how to remain it by forging his own personality.

Sunflower as a symbol

We choose this symbol because today we are deciding to give the child a truly respectful environment. Sure they will find everything they need to learn how to read, write , and count.

This is why the atmosphere of the whole school is based on Maria Montessori pedagogy, which means children are free to move, free to behave, to express themselves, to get invoved in everyday life,to run, speak,laugh, and of course discover, in a respectful environment.

Drawing its roots in the respect of others, and offering both a solid framework and accompaniment, our principle is to put the child at the center of the school, which will be created for him, and with him. Privileging the idea that one can learn together and in the mutual aid, the children can, when they wish it, work together and take part in common tasks for the good of their small community. Entrenched in the respect and the recognition of each other, we offer the possibility to all our small sunflowers to turn, at their rhythm, to their own sun.


We want to give them the opportunity to turn to their own specific interests, and explore them, just like the sunflower would turn to the sun that gives him the light he needs to grow up and live.

Unceasingly in search of new professional objectives, eternally keen on reaching new points, at 32 years, I have had the deep desire to concentrate me known the essential, the nerve centre of my life, and life in general: the childhood. The childhood, to start with that of my daughter, her education, her blooming. I wanted to refocus my priorities by placing in the foreground that which gives me so much energy and enthousiasm, that which insufflated me this fabulous idea which projects me in a new adventure: to create a school.

I place in the center of my future this project which is mine and soon yours, at you parents, which will give us the educational responsibility of your children in order them to remain themselves and proud of it.

Les tournesols, team, Sophie Gautier
SophieAdministrative Direction

Mother of a 3,5 year-old girl, graduated in finance with 9 years of professional experience in investment banking at different positions such as financial analyst and relationship manager.

Les tournesols, team, Pierre

Which parent does not wish the best for his child? More than his education I want to say that it is the construction which is at stake. The pedagogy Montessori is more than centenarian and nevertheless more than ever adapted to the establishment of healthy and solid foundations for these small men and women to become. My role that I try to fullfill with enjoyment and passion: facilitate the daily life of the educators so that they can dedicate their time to the children.

Les tournesols, team, Selvina
SelvinaMontessori Assistant 3-6

Various research point out that learning a second language increases creativity, enhances verbal and problem solving skills, and develops an advantage in grasping and formulating concepts. My role as an anglophone assistant is, among others, to facilitate the language immersion program, where the children will be able to discover and assimilate a second language in a natural environment. Having benefited from a Montessori education, I am delighted to be part of Les Tournesols' team, where we offer a stimulating and beautifully crafted environment designed to meet every child's individual needs.

Les tournesols, team, Mallorie Gerber
MallorieEducatrice montessori (AMI) 3-6

Graduate Montessori in 2008, I accompany the children on the way of their development in Switzerland and in France. I am happy to bring my skills within the team of Divonne with my vision of the pedagogy: " I can, I am able, I have value.... My work is important for the others, with my work, I transform the world around me. " Maria Montessori, Bambino in famiglia, on 1936.

Les tournesols, team, Beth Matlock
BethMontessori teacher (AMI) 3-6

Les Tournesols is a daily opportunity to tap into the innate curiosity of children and offer them creative ways of learning that keep a child-centred focused. The small class size provides a real constructive environment.

Les tournesols, team, Laetitia
LaetitiaMontessori Teacher 6-12 (AMI)

La pédagogie de Maria Montessori m'a convaincue parce qu’elle se fonde sur un respect profond pour l’enfant et une confiance absolue en lui. Dans la classe 6/12, mon rôle est de l’accompagner dans ses apprentissages, et de répondre à son insatiable désir de comprendre le monde qui l’entoure. Ensemble, nous construisons une communauté d’enfants autonome, soucieuse des uns et des autres, et ouverte au monde.

Les tournesols, team, Sarah Zamofing
SarahMontessori teacher (AMI) 3-6

Mom of 2 children, I discovered the Montessori pedagogy by looking for a more "natural" to learn compare to the public school. It seemed to me so logical as I wondered how it was not more popular! Then I decided to deepen my knowledge by preparing my certificate of Assistant Montessor. Today i wish to allow every small human seed that I accompany, to grow up and find his place in the world.

Les tournesols, team,Lillian
LillianChild Care / Arts

Being a mother of a premature child I discovered the Montessori philosophy when I started searching for more sensorial and natural playing and learning experiences in order to help my son's developmental delays. Graduated from the University of Arts London (UAL), I am glad to be part of " Les Tournesols" and help the children to enhance their fine motor skills by providing them with the option to complete art and crafts projects using natural items and recycled objects found around the school. "It is their art... It is thanks to the hand, the companion of the mind, that civilization has arisen." —Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind